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Healing Shame Core Workshop: Understanding, Reducing and Transforming Shame - Los Angeles

  • The Insight Center 1404 Greenfield Ave. Los Angeles, CA United States (map)

Shame is perhaps the most painful of all emotions. It is at the root of both the inner critic and perfectionism. It binds with other emotions, such as anger and fear, so that is often hard to detect. Also, revealing shame can be in itself shameful. For many clients who don’t get better in therapy, shame — unacknowledged and not worked through — is the primary factor.

Shame is a ubiquitous human experience. It is used in every culture to socialize children and to protect the tribe. Healthy shame has purpose, function and teaching us how to thrive in community. But toxic shame debilitates us and isolates us from humanity.  It is different from other emotions.

Our physiological reaction to shame helps us to maintain the interpersonal bridges that are imperative for our survival. It increases the likelihood of being embraced by and remaining a part of the tribe. It is the best solution for a seemingly impossible situation. But when shame is internalized and identified with, we spiral into self-loathing and form the belief that we are without value or purpose and therefor unlovable.  Releasing the underpinning of toxic shame restores vibrancy, self-esteem, resilience and self-reliance.  

This workshop will help you recognize shame in all of its forms and manifestations.  It will deepen and transform your therapeutic process and increase the efficacy of your practice.

NOTE: Bret and Sheila will be assisting Brian D. Mahan, SEP to teach this L.A. workshop. Brian has been training with us for four years and is teaching our Healing Shame work in Los Angeles, beginning with this wonderful workshop at the Insight Center.

There is no prerequisite for this course. It can be taken by itself or as part of a sequence.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 10:00AM - 6:00PM &
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20, 10:00AM - 5:30PM

This workshop will be taught by Brian D. Mahan, SEP, and assisted by Sheila Rubin, LMFT, RDT/BCT and Bret Lyon, PhD, SEP.

The Insight Center
1404 Greenfield Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

12 CE credits

For complete information and registration, please click here.

$375 - Full tuition
30% off
for pre-licensed students in clinical training.

Organizer: Michael Shiffman, Ph.D.
Phone: 310-445-2160

Find complete information and registration on the Insight Center website:

This is a workshop for therapists and other helping professionals, taught by Brian D. Mahan, SEP, assisted by Sheila Rubin, LMFT, RDT/BCT and Bret Lyon, PhD, SEP.


Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin have co-led workshops on Healing Shame for over a decade in many cities in the U.S. and Canada, including Berkeley, New York, Montreal, Ottawa and Victoria, BC. Both have trained in EFT with Sue Johnson and in AEDP with Diana Fosha.


Brian D. Mahan, SEP, began his Somatic Experiencing practice in Los Angeles in 2004. He is also an assistant trainer for two faculty members of the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute. For the past four years, he immersed himself in the 8-module certification program created by Bret Lyon, PhD, SEP and Sheila Rubin, MA, LMFT, RDT/BCT, founders of the Center for Healing Shame. He became their first assistant trainer and is now dedicated to continue their legacy by sharing their compressive approach to working with shame. He also holds his own retreats, seminars, and lectures and writes about healing trauma. His book, I Cried All the Way to Happy Hour – A Trauma Survivor’s Guide to Profound and Long-lasting Healing, is slated to be published in the Fall of 2019. For more information about Brian visit