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Rose Marie Nehls, LCSW
82 Huff Avenue, Suite B
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: (724) 836-1600
Fax: (724) 836-2700
Email: rosenehls@gmail.com
Web: www.rosenehlslcsw.com

I have been honored to work with Bret and Sheila in learning the techniques that are absolutely necessary in true, deep healing. In my work as a therapist for 20 years, I never realized how shame work is a huge missing piece in helping my clients achieve inner piece, harmony with self, and to realize their true self. Unpacking toxic shame allows a person to realize the necessity to understanding healthy shame. All of this provides internal connectedness, which allows the person to come outside of themselves and to attach more deeply with those around them and the world in general. This would not be possible without unpacking the toxic shame. I am certified in EMDR and AEDP (level 3), but learning shame work with Bret and Sheila has taken me to a whole new level. By externalizing the shame using psychodrama techniques, the client is able to give the toxic shame back to whom it truly belongs. This frees the client of the burden that was never theirs, and can then discover their core self.