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Healing Shame Directory Of Certified Practitioners

Disclaimer: This professional directory can help you locate a Healing Shame Practitioner. We cannot make assurances that any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual. A listing in this directory does not constitute an endorsement of any particular person. It reflects their completion of a training program in Healing Shame - Lyon/Rubin Method.  Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the actions and abilities of any person listed here. Nor are we claiming or guaranteeing the credentials listed here, other than that the Practitioner has completed a full training program in Healing Shame with Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin or has the equivalent experience. Not all of those listed are licensed mental health professionals. Practitioners have listed their credentials, including licensure, in their individual listings at their sole responsibility and we are not in any way guaranteeing their accuracy. Users of this directory understand and agree that the Healing Shame program is neither liable nor responsible for any actions of those using or choosing to list in this directory.


Janice Brieva, CBT
Certified Bioenergetics Therapist
Bogota, Colombia

I believe in using the powerful mind-body connection to effectively identify and heal shame and trauma using the integrated approach of Bioenergetics Psychology and Therapy.  Combining linguistic and somatic approaches with knowledge of how they reside in the body’s nervous system, shame and trauma can be identified, located and more gently released. By addressing disturbances in breathing and chronic muscular tension I can help people to become aware of their emotional issues on a somatic level. By addressing shame and trauma at a cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual level,  we can enhance the ability to experience pleasure. This results in an improved connection with oneself and with others.

Creo en el uso de la poderosa conexión mente-cuerpo para identificar y curar de manera efectiva la vergüenza y el trauma utilizando el enfoque integrado de la psicología y la terapia bioenergética. Combinando enfoques lingüísticos y somáticos con el conocimiento de cómo residen en el sistema nervioso del cuerpo, la vergüenza y el trauma pueden identificarse, ubicarse y liberarse con mayor suavidad. Al abordar las alteraciones en la respiración y la tensión muscular crónica, puedo ayudar a las personas a tomar conciencia de sus problemas emocionales a nivel somático. Al abordar la vergüenza y el trauma a nivel cognitivo, emocional, físico y espiritual, podemos mejorar la capacidad de experimentar placer. Esto se traduce en una mejor conexión con uno mismo y con los demás