Healing Shame Directory Of Certified Practitioners

Disclaimer: This professional directory can help you locate a Healing Shame Practitioner. We cannot make assurances that any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual. A listing in this directory does not constitute an endorsement of any particular person. It reflects their completion of a training program in Healing Shame - Lyon/Rubin Method.  Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the actions and abilities of any person listed here. Nor are we claiming or guaranteeing the credentials listed here, other than that the Practitioner has completed a full training program in Healing Shame with Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin or has the equivalent experience. Not all of those listed are licensed mental health professionals. Practitioners have listed their credentials, including licensure, in their individual listings at their sole responsibility and we are not in any way guaranteeing their accuracy. Users of this directory understand and agree that the Healing Shame program is neither liable nor responsible for any actions of those using or choosing to list in this directory.


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Deb Burnett
Certified Life Coach
Nelson, BC & by Internet
Phone: (250) 509-0273
Email: debburnettmail@gmail.com
Web: www.shameshift.com

I am a certified Life Coach and owner of Pathway Life Coaching and have been in practice for over 10 years in downtown Nelson, BC.  I believe at the core of every difficult emotion lies the freedom to expand and explore a new way of being. I coach individuals and couples as well as facilitates groups, including special interest groups, and provide live telecalls and webinars.  In addition to my important work in Healing Shame with Bret and Sheila, my degree in Psychology and certification in Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Training, Compassionate Communication, Attachment Parenting, Couple's Support, Brene Brown's Connections Curriculum and Byron Katie's The Work, provide a myriad of processes that inspire change and growth. My passion is supporting personal transformations, improving relationships, and creating safety, courage and connection in all aspects of life.

QUEBEC – Montreal


Ludmila Girvan, M.Ed. 
Licensed Psychologist
Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec
Phone: (514) 248-5135
Email: ludmila.girvan@gmail.com

I am a curious and energetic psychotherapist who practices EFT, CBT and mindfulness with individuals, couples and families. I believe healing involves reawakening our spirit of discovery, acceptance and compassion. It also involves a greater willingness to risk and become open to a vast possibility of experiences. I have training in guidance counselling, marriage and family counselling and as a counselling psychologist. I am attracted to everything psychology, but most of all, human relationships remain my greatest interest. Most recently the nature of shame and its devastating power on us has captured my attention and I am grateful to have developed my abilities to work with it in my practice. Thank you Sheila and Bret.


Claude Lautman, M.A.
Certified EFT Couple Therapist/Thérapeute accrédité TCÉ
Offices in both downtown and West Island Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (514) 626-6524
Email: claudelautman@icloud.com
Web: www.claudelautman.com

After nearly 30 years as a practicing psychologist, it is still an honor to be trusted with the stories patients bring me. My work with Bret and Sheila has helped me 'connect the dots' in those stories in a new way, to see and understand the profound effects of toxic shame that freeze us, block us from behaving responsibly towards ourselves and others, bind our energy and prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. By using a relational, attachment-based approach to treatment, one that is infused with Bret and Sheila's Healing Shame training, I feel more equipped than ever to help individuals and couples reduce their distress and regain their ability to grow and thrive.

Aprés presque 30 ans en tant que psychologue praticien, c'est toujours pour moi un honneur que les patients me confient leurs histoires. Mon travail avec Bret et Sheila m'a aidé à « faire les liens » entre ces histoires d'une nouvelle manière, pour voir et comprendre les répercussions profondes de la honte toxique qui nous paralyse, nous empêche de nous comporter de façon responsable à l'égard de nous-mêmes et des autres, unissent notre énergie et nous empêchent de profiter de la vie au maximum. En ayant recours à un traitement fondé sur une approche relationnelle portant sur l'attachement, laquelle est empreinte de la formation Guérir la honte de Bret et Sheila, je me sens plus outillé que jamais pour aider les personnes et les couples à réduire leur détresse et à retrouver leur capacité de croître et de s'épanouir.



Jerry Perlman, M.Ed.
Licensed Psychologist
Dollars des Ormeaux, Quebec
Phone: (514) 886-2949
Email: jyperlman@gmail.com

Training with Sheila and Bret has given me a perspective in helping people who may be struggling with the burden of shame, which enables me to home in and help frame the difficulties in a way that empower and light the way toward deep healing. I add this invaluable tool to the other modalities I have trained in and use in my daily work as a psychologist, such as Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Schematherapy. It's a privilege to be a witness to the genuine desire that my clients have to heal and become whole, and I am grateful to be able to offer them the effective strategies I have gleaned from doing the training workshops with Sheila and Bret.

QUEBEC – Sherbrooke


Kathleen Taylor Lespérance, MA MFT, TCF
Marriage and Family Therapist/Thérapeute conjugale et familiale
4365 rue Cayer
Sherbrooke, QC,
J1L 1S9, Canada
Phone: (819) 821-3450
Email: rklesper@videotron.ca
Web: www.newhopesherbrooke.com

After earning an MA MFT degree at the age of 58, I opened an office annex to my home, where I began practicing Emotion Focused Therapy for couples and adults. Along the way I became interested in healing shame in my own life and in the lives of those who would trust me with their problems. I experimented becoming free of the last vestiges of shame in my life under Bret and Sheila's tender care during several weekend conferences. It was and is a privilege to be associated with them and enjoy their company and teaching. I gratefully extend their care to my clients. In June 2016 I proudly became an accredited Healing Shame Practitioner - Lyon/Rubin Method.

I continue to study EFT and Healing Shame concurrently and my practice uses both in tandem in order to help suffering clients be healed of their trauma. Healing shame is an integral part of the therapy I do. I have seen clients freed to be able to live a life of peace as they resolve problems that are almost always connected to unresolved shame that haunts them. What a privilege to be able help my clients be freed to live a life in harmony with themselves and others. 

Suite à l'obtention du diplôme MA MFT à l´âge de 58 ans, je me suis ouvert un bureau qui est annexé à mon domicile et j'y ai débuté la pratique de la Thérapie du couple axée sur l'émotion(TCÉ) pour les couples et adultes. Au fil du temps, je me suis intéressée à la guérison de la honte présente dans ma vie personnelle ainsi que dans la vie de ceux qui me confieraient leurs problèmes. J'ai été délivrée des derniers vestiges de la honte dans ma propre vie, grâce à l'aide et aux bons soins de Bret et Sheila, durant plusieurs conférences de fins de semaine. Ce fut un privilège, et cela l'est encore, d'être associée à eux ainsi que de jouir de leur compagnie et de leur enseignement. C'est avec reconnaissance que je fais profiter mes clients des bons soins que j'ai re'çus d'eux en les leur prodiguant à mon tour. En juin 2016 je suis fière d'avoir été accréditée comme thérapeute de la guérison de la honte selon la méthode Lyon/Rubin.

Je continue à étudier simultanément EFT et la guérison de la honte que j'utilise en tandem dans ma pratique afin d'aider les clients qui souffrent à guérir de leurs traumatismes. La guérison de la honte est une partie intégrale de la thérapie que je pratique. J'ai vu des clients libérés et rendus capables de connaítre enfin la paix après avoir résolu des problèmes qui étaient presque toujours reliés à la honte non-résolue qui les hantait. Quel privilège de pouvoir aider mes clients à être libérés et pouvoir enfin vivre une vie en harmonie avec eux-mêmes ainsi qu'avec les autres!