Certification as a Healing Shame Practitioner

“I have often observed the power of shame to make those in its grip, including myself, freeze, disparage themselves and turn away from others. I struggled to find more effective ways to release clients from shame. Then along came Bret and Sheila’s Healing Shame workshops. Bret and Sheila’s approach gives me additional skills to help clients feel safe enough to break the grip of shame and free themselves from even its deepest reaches. Clients come to accept themselves, discover internal resources and relate more openly to spouses, children, friends and colleagues.”
— Fran Schwartz, PhD, LCSW, New York

Our mission is to serve the community by training therapists and other helping professionals in how to work with shame.

The lack of expertise and understanding in working with shame has caused hardship and pain to many individuals. We are trying to reach and educate as many people as possible. In addition to our workshops, we have begun a Certification Program to train therapists of all types who are especially interested in gaining knowledge about shame and working with it as Practitioners of Healing Shame - Lyon/Rubin Method. Practitioners are listed on our website and invited to assist in our workshops. As there are very few people trained in any method of working with shame, this is an opportunity to add to your skill set, serve the public and gain new clients.

While each of our workshops is complete in itself and provides a great deal of useful, hard-to-find information about shame, there is so much material here that one workshop cannot cover it all. The workshops are designed to build on each other, and your knowledge and expertise in working with shame will grow geometrically with each workshop you take. For those with a real commitment and dedication to working with shame, we now offer our Certification Program in Healing Shame - Lyon/Rubin Method leading to Practitioner status. It is open to therapists and other helping professionals.

The requirements are:

1) Completion of all seven weekend workshops, including both Advanced weekends.

2) Six hours of private consultation with Bret or Sheila, including at least one hour of personal consultation and at least two hours of professional consultation.

3) A clear demonstration of deep understanding of our approach to what shame is and how to work with it and a strong commitment to helping others.

These requirements may change. Students who complete the training within 18 months of taking their first workshop will be exempt from any change. Otherwise, we may add new requirements. Students living far from Berkeley may substitute extra consultations for one or two workshops. Students finishing our certification program will be guaranteed a listing on our website for two years from certification at no charge. We may require additional training after program completion to continue being listed on the website after the first two years. While there is currently no fee for practitioners to be listed on the website, we may add an annual fee in the future.

Our current workshops are:

  • Healing Shame - The Core Workshop
  • Sex and Shame
  • Melting the Shame Freeze: Using Somatic Techniques to Create Safety and Build Attunement
  • Through the Looking Glass: Using Imaginal Resources to Heal Shame
  • Healing Shame in Couples
  • Advanced 1: Giving Back the Shame
  • Advanced 2: ShameShifting: Transforming Toxic Shame into Healthy Shame

For descriptions and dates of each workshop dates, please click on Schedule. The workshops can be taken in any order, except for the Advanced Workshops, which have a prerequisite of two other workshops. If possible, we prefer that you begin with Healing Shame - The Core Workshop. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Bret at bret@healingshame.com or Sheila at sheila@healingshame.com.

“Training with Sheila and Bret has given me a perspective in helping people who may be struggling with the burden of shame, that enables me to home in and help frame the difficulties in a way that empowers and lights the way toward deep healing. It’s a privilege to be a witness to the genuine desire that my clients have to heal and become whole, and I am grateful to be able to offer them the effective strategies I have gleaned from doing the training workshops with Sheila and Bret.”
— Jerry Perlman, M. Ed., Psychologist, Montreal

“I can see how profoundly shame impacts people’s lives. With the tools I have learned from Bret and Sheila, I can help clients heal from toxic shame and support them in reclaiming their power and taking back their lives.”
— Elaine Gayler, LMFT, SEP, Sebastopol, CA

We look forward to connecting with you and

welcome your questions and comments.

To request more information, please contact us at:

Bret Lyon
Email: bret@healingshame.com
Phone: (510) 420-1441

Sheila Rubin
Email: sheila@healingshame.com
Phone: (415) 820-3974