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NEW YORK – New York City


Fran Schwartz, PhD, LCSW
140 Riverside Dr, # 1A
New York, NY 10024
Phone: (212) 362-7806
Email: frschwartz@hotmail.com

In my many years as a psychotherapist and an anthropologist, I have often observed the power of shame to make those in its grip, including myself, freeze, disparage themselves and turn away from others. I struggled to find more effective ways to release clients from shame. Then along came Bret and Sheila's Healing Shame Workshops. Blending seamlessly with my experience as a family/couple therapist and my extensive training in various forms of individual therapy*, Bret and Sheila's approach gives me additional skills to help clients feel safe enough to break the grip of shame and free themselves from even its deepest reaches. In our work together clients come to accept themselves, discover internal resources and relate more openly to others. Proceeding at a pace that feels comfortable for each person and without judgment, we shed light on the shame that's lingered in dark corners, lessening aloneness, and expanding clients' sense of who they truly are and can be. I see individuals, couples and families.

* My in-depth post graduate training includes Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy