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The Center for Healing Shame is an international education center
and CE provider, dedicated to supporting therapists, counselors,
coaches, teachers, nurses, healers and other helping professionals around the world to understand and transform client shame through workshops,
training, certification, and research.


Some of our most important relationships are threatened by the mysterious emotion of shame. It can be extremely helpful to understand what shame is and how it affects your client's body, thoughts, actions and relationships. This site will introduce you to tools
to help you and your clients tap into inner strengths and resilience as a foundation
to support and expand on what’s positive in life. The Center for Healing Shame aims
to transform the world's response to shame, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Explore this site to learn more about healing shame and how you can become a part of this movement.


“I am very excited that you and Sheila are doing your work on shame. I appreciate your intense and focused explorations on this important topic. Your work is definitely congruent/resonant with AEDP.”
— Diana Fosha, PhD, Founder of AEDP, author of The Transforming Power of Affect

“I want to thank you guys again for a wonderful, stimulating, evocative workshop. I think that the perspective you bring to the central importance of shame in healing the psyche is unique and timely. The safe environment that you created in the group was special. I Ioved the soft, gentle but persistent way each of you tracked the client – finding ways to connect with and highlight their underlying process.”
— Dr. Paul Aikin, Certified EFT Trainer, Sacramento

Thank you, Bret and Sheila, for a truly amazing weekend. I had clients back-to-back today and I applied so much of what I learned, and I immediately saw how effective your methods were and what a difference they made. I’m so grateful to your brilliance and willingness to share it with the world.
— Barbara Huson, author of “Sacred Success” and many other books on women, wealth and power.

“Bret and Sheila provide a clear and helpful roadmap for understanding and healing shame. With extraordinary clarity and wisdom, they illuminate the ways that shame shows up and skillfully guide us to help our clients (and ourselves) move toward a fuller and richer life.”
— John Amodeo, Ph.D., author of "Dancing With Fire" and many other books on relationships and spirituality

Photo Credit: Lea Delson

Photo Credit: Lea Delson


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decade of advocacy.

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The Healing Shame Certification Program serves the community by training therapists and other helping professionals in how to work with shame.

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Photo Credit: Sheila Rubin

Photo Credit: Sheila Rubin


Ready to take the next step? There are a variety of workshops offered throughout the year. Check out our schedule. 

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Here's What People Are Saying About Our Workshops:

“I didn’t know how to move through shame with clients in a way that felt safe...The way I’ve learned to access shame in these workshops has been truly transformational to my practice!”
— Tatra de la Rosa, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Santa Rosa

“Counter-shaming! I now know what to do with shame when I feel it in the room!”
— Joan Gold, MA, Marriage & Family Therapist, Berkeley

Joan Gold, MA, MFT, Berkeley

“I didn’t have direct training of shame in graduate school...My whole worldview has now altered!”
— Zia Soleil Sinclair, MA, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and TRE Provider, Oakland

“I didn’t know what shame was before the training...what I learned this weekend is life changing... Bret and Sheila bring so many gifts... they are masters of the work!”
— Jeff Lamie, Shamanic Healer